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Adopted by:
The Knoxville-Knox County Metropolitan Planning Commission on August 9, 2007
The Knoxville City Council on September 11, 2007

Amended by the Knoxville-Knox County Park, Recreation and Greenways Plan adopted by
MPC on July 9, 2009, by County Commission on January 25, 2010 and by City Council on January 26, 2010


Background Report

Land Use, Community Facilities, and Transportation Plans


List of Maps

List of Tables


This plan is the result of a team effort, including the following MPC staff:

Jeff Archer, AICP, Senior Planner
Michael Carberry, AICP, Comprehensive Planning Manager
Mark Donaldson, AICP, Executive Director
Buz Johnson, Deputy Director
Amy Brooks, Transportation Planner
Jill Draper, Communications
Terry Gilhula, Senior Research Associate
Katie Habgood, Transportation Planner
Tim Kuhn, GIS Administrator
Sarah Powell, Webmaster/Senior Graphic Designer
Kelley Segars, AICP, Senior Planner
Jo Ella Washburn, Graphic Designer
Jeff Welch, AICP, Transportation Planning Organization Director
Ellen Zavisca, Transportation Planner


Photo Simulations - San Jose, California
Valley Transportation Authority (2002), Community Design & Transportation (CDT) Program