Prepared for The City of Knoxville, Tennessee

Victor Ashe,


The Knoxville Tree Board

Frank Rothermel, Chair
Jeff Pfeifer, Vice Chair
Dessa E. Blair
Maria Compere
Diane Madison
Stephen Noe
Bob Santore
Tom Simpson
Tom Wolf

Ex Officio Members
Scott Boles, City Engineering
David McGinley, City Engineering
Michael Carberry, MPC
Jim Cortese, Past Chairman
Beth Eason, League of Women Voters
Bob Whetsel, Public Service Department Director
Allen Graham, Horticulture Manager
Jeff McCarter, Arborist

The creation of this plan was made possible through a grant from the
Tennessee Department of Agriculture, Division of Forestry
and the US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service.
That assistance has been greatly appreciated.


Prepared by
Knoxville Knox County Metropolitan Planning Commission

Norman Whitaker, Executive Director
Jeff Welch, Deputy Director
Allen Alderman, Planning Technician
Michael Carberry, Project Manager
Mike Conger, Transportation Engineer
Raymond Dailey, Planning Technician
Jill Draper, Communications Specialist
Terry Gilhula, Senior Research Associate
Danny Kirby, GIS Specialist
Sarah Powell, Graphic Designer
Jo Ella Washburn, Graphic Designer
Charlotte West, Administrative Assistant

Consultant: Visual Preference Survey
Looney Ricks Kiss, Nashville

Photography and Illustrations
Knoxville Knox County Metropolitan Planning Commission

Looney Ricks Kiss, Nashville

Walkable Communities, Inc.
Selected images from Bearden Village Plan

Christopher Illustrations
Maryville, Tennessee