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The Knoxville-Knox County Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC) divides Knox County into twelve planning sectors based on census tract boundaries. The North City Sector Plan is one of the twelve sector plans prepared for the City and County. The focus of a sector plan is on physical development: land use, transportation, and community facilities. The North City Sector contains an area of 10,798 acres (approximately 16.87 square miles).

Map 1: MPC Planning Sectors

Map 1: MPC Planning Sectors

The boundaries of the North City Sector include Interstate 640 on the south and Interstate 75 to the west. The northern boundary is made up of Dante Road, Rifle Range Road, Brown Gap Road, and Carter Road. The eastern boundary follows Luttrell Road, Washington Pike, and Mill Road. The sector boundaries are consistent with census tracts 40, 41, 42, 43, 49, 50, and 51. Since the sector follows the census tract boundaries, it extends beyond the city limits and includes unincorporated portions of Knox County in the northeast corner of the sector.

Map 2: Census Tracts of the North City Sector

Map 2: Census Tracts

This sector plan is part of the overall Knoxville-Knox County comprehensive planning program, which also includes the General Plan and the Growth Policy Plan. Each of those plans has a bearing on policies which affect the various sectors. The development policies of the General Plan are presented in Appendix A. The Growth Policy Plan outlines an area for future Knoxville growth and a Planned Growth Area with Knox County where the moderate intensities of land development (such as suburban subdivisions and commercial projects) may take place. The growth policies also are directed to conservation of a Rural Area and such environmental resources as steep slopes and stream corridors. Those policies are contained in Appendix B.

All sector plans contain a background report, a plan for community improvements, and a land use plan. The background report outlines existing conditions in the sector and contains information on environmental resources, development trends, and characteristics of the population. It serves as a tool to help the community identify development opportunities and plan for the future. Remaining sections include a comprehensive plan for future physical development of the sector. Additionally, this plan contains a Small Area Plan for Fountain City.

Purpose of the Plan

  • Identify significant environmental and historic resources
  • Recognize development constraints and issues
  • Explore special development opportunities, including recommendations for Fountain City
  • Create land use, community facility and transportation plans proposals to guide development over the next 15 years
  • Outline capital improvements and programs to implement plan proposals over the next five years
meeting participants

new commercial development on Broadway

New commercial development along Broadway incorporates sidewalks and landscaping.

Fountain City Park greenway

Residents support a greenway connection from Fountain City to downtown.

Summary of Input
A public workshop was held to identify what residents feel should be accomplished with future planning and development. Additionally, residents were given the opportunity to fill out a questionnaire. The following is a summary of those concerns:

Land Use & Neighborhoods

  • Support for Infill Housing Overlay and protection of older neighborhoods
  • RB (General Residential) Zone change to RA (Low Density Residential) Zone in the Beverly area – generally supported
  • Medium Density Residential along Central Avenue Pike – some support
  • Merchants Road/Shasta Drive area – create office transition to the south and require landscaping buffers
  • Central Avenue Pike area – concerns were expressed about commercial encroachment into neighborhoods. Potential considerations include:
    • older homes could be renovated for office use
    • maintain medium density residential or low density residential

Transportation Concerns

  • Amount of traffic on Broadway
  • Recommend replacing lane with median on Broadway and landscaping
  • TDOT should landscape I-640 exit
  • Code provision for sidewalks and pedestrian connectivity
  • Request for sidewalks

Community Facilities

  • Create and maintain historic designation sites and districts
  • Sterchi Greenway should connect to Sterchi Elementary
  • Create First Creek Greenway that would run through Fountain City to Downtown
  • Safety at Sharps Ridge Park is a concern (this park is nearby in the Central City Sector)

Significant Changes Since Last Sector Plan Update
Some projects, land development, and community facilities have been completed since 1998 when the previous plan was adopted. Additionally, the adopted Knoxville-Knox County General Plan 2033 and the Knoxville, Farragut and Knox County Growth Plan have a bearing on area-wide growth and transportation issues.

Land Use & Zoning Changes

  • Commercial redevelopment of some parcels along Broadway
  • Kohl’s property
  • Redevelopment of Farmer’s Market Site for commercial and park use

Transportation Projects

  • Washington Pike project
  • Cedar Lane traffic lights and road alignment
  • Callahan Drive/Dante Road at Central Avenue Pike – traffic signals and additional lanes
  • Murphy Road from Washington Pike to Tazewell Pike – increased lane width/turn lanes
  • Maple Drive – flooded properties were purchased and structures were removed

new commercial uses at the former Farmers Market

Good interstate access allows for new commercial uses at the former Farmers Market site.

Cedar Lane road improvements

Road improvements along Cedar Lane include turn lanes to relieve congestion.

Fountain City Library
The new library provides display space, a meeting room, a children's reading nook, as well as an outdoor reading area.

Community Facility Additions

  • Fountain City Branch Library at Essary Road
  • Art Center in old library location
  • Extension of Adair Park
  • Extension of Sterchi Soccer Complex
  • Sue Clancy Greenway trail
  • Master plan for Tommy Schumpert Park
  • New Harvest Park under construction


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